Welcome to Willing Servant Ministries!

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Willing Servant Ministries is operating and managing a medical clinic in Paradise Village, Sosua.

This clinic helps the poor be healthier and live more abundant lives. Many people here in the Dominican Republic cannot afford medical care or medicine. Through this ministry we are able to give medical care and medicine to 150 – 250 people weekly, over 7000 consultations are given yearly and to date we have over 9200 total patients! To see a video showing the work we do in the medical clinic, click here

Exciting News! We can now accept donations in Canada! If you are Canadian and would like to donate to Willing Servant Ministries for the work we do in the Paradise Medical Clinic, you can now do that and it is tax-deductible! Here is the link: https://www.thebridgesofhope.com/…/willing-servant-ministri…
Please consider partnering and supporting us in this ministry of helping the poor and needy. Blessings!

We also continue to work with Mission Teams to glorify God, help the poor, bless local Pastors and Ministries and help those that come to grow in their faith in Jesus! If you are interested in bringing a short-term missions team please click here for more information. We need your help! We are waiting for you!

Have you ever thought of doing ministry work overseas? Willing Servant Ministries is presently looking for full-time ministry workers. We have a need for a volunteer to oversee, work with & lead Mission Teams & Projects. Also there is a volunteer opening in the Paradise Medical Clinic Interested? Want to know more? Please e-mail us at info@willingservantministries.org.

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